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24 July - Sneaky Tricks...

Hi there. It's Sumari from EasyHealthyKids.com, and this week is all about simple ways to get healthy foods into your children...

The family: Fred is a headstrong 2 year, 9 month old toddler boy, and Sarah is my sweet 8 month old baby girl.

This week I tricked Fred and Sarah by sneaking veggies in their meals, and we also discovered simple ways to play with things you can find around the house.

Fred's favorite food of the week - Fred usually doesn't like to eat potatoes or potato mash. But these Salmon Fish Fingers fooled him! He devoured these soft fish fingers made from mash and canned salmon.

They were also some of Sarah's favorites for the week.

Sarah's favorite food of the week - This week Sarah started to enjoy eating family food, and she started to get a lot of it in.

She enjoyed simple sliced, roasted zucchini. I just drizzled them with olive oil and roasted them until soft (about 30 minutes).

Her other favorite veggie is sweet potato.

But, I want to broaden the fruit and veg I give her, so I'm going to work from this list of Baby Led Weaning "First Foods", to give her a greater variety.

Fred's activity of the week - This week we played with masking tape after reading this article on how peeling tape can help strengthen kid's fingers.

I stuck the tape to the carpet, crisscrossing over each other, and Fred had fun pulling it off piece by piece.

Another way we played with the tape was by making roads with it on the carpet that he can ride his cars in. We ended up building an entire city on our living room carpet!

Sarah's activity of the week - Sarah usually just joins in with her brother with whatever he's playing with, or exploring what's around her.

Because she naps so often, it is difficult finding time to do activities with her. But when we do get time to play, I like picking some ideas from this list of Easy Baby Activities.

Joke of the week - This week is the start of the new school term so this school joke is very fitting.

What does the snake learn in school?

Answer : hiss tory


Do you have any great recipes or fun activities that you want to share? Let me know by replying to this email.

Talk to you next week.



P.S. If you try any of these activities or recipes, let me know! I'd love to hear how you found them.

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