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4 June - Sensory Experiences...

Hi there. It's Sumari from EasyHealthyKids.com, and in this week's newsletter we have sensory and educational activities, including two recipes for DIY paint and moon sand.

The family: Fred is a headstrong 3 year old toddler boy, and Sarah is my sweet 1 year old baby girl.

Art activity - Butterfly painting with edible paint

DIY edible paint: Got paint? Nope, me neither. Got yogurt and food coloring. Yep! DIY edible paint it is.

Fun butterfly painting: My kids loved making these butterfly paintings - you paint one side and fold the paper to make a mirror image. You can use the above edible paint for this butterfly activity.

Quiet time activity - Printable playmats

A printable downtime activity is great and easy (less equipment needed). Here are a few printables to entertain your kids with during quiet time.

Indoor activity - Name recognition game

We played this name recognition game with a whiteboard and some alphabet blocks.

I wrote my son's name on his whiteboard in big letters, and took the corresponding letters from his alphabet puzzle. I then asked him to spell his name with his alphabet puzzle blocks. I was pleasantly surprised that he got it right easily.

Outdoor activity - Veggie soup pretend play for toddlers

Take your kids’ pretend play food, and some water, and let them make soup (pretend soup that is). You can also use real food (that can get wet) if you don't have pretend food.

Sensory activity - Lemon infused moon sand

Moon sand is easy to make and fun to play with (scoop and transfer).

This post takes it a bit further, and makes it a richer sensory experience, by adding lemon peel.

Tip: You can add any fragrant herb to spice the moon sand up. And you don't need to use coconut oil. Canola oil works just as well.

Educational activity - Popsicle sticks color match

This popsicle stick color match game is great for kids of all ages, and something my 18-month old will also enjoy.

Don't throw away your old egg cartons, repurpose them for this color match activity.

Do you have any great recipes or fun activities that you want to share? Let me know by replying to this email.

Talk to you next week.



P.S. If you try any of these activities or recipes, let me know! I'd love to hear how you found them.

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