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14 May - Free the animals...

Hi there. It's Sumari from EasyHealthyKids.com, and here are our favorite activities for the week. This week we have leaf rubbing, choc avo brownie baking, sink and float experiment and musical instruments making. There's even a Free The Animals educational game. I'm also trying a new format for the newsletter this week. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

The family: Fred is a headstrong 3 year old toddler boy, and Sarah is my sweet 1 year old baby girl.

Art activity: Leaf rubbing

Leaf rubbing is something we often do. My kids love the experience of first finding the leaves and then using them as art. It's so much fun and suited for a wide range of ages.

Quiet time activity: Alphabet letters object match

This is another great list with quiet time activities.

I like the Alphabet Letters Object Match activity the most.

You just place letters and objects in a bag, and let your kids match it.

This also works for younger toddlers who are not familiar with the alphabet: turn this into a great educational activity by teaching them the letters that match the objects.

Indoor activity: The best ever playdough recipe

This is my goto playdough recipe for soft and stretchy playdough that lasts a long time. My son has been playing with this playdough for the last month or so and it still remains soft and stretchy. I just keep it in a zip lock bag.

Baking Activity: Choc avocado brownie muffins

Another great way to get some avo in kids - disguise it as dessert! This is a great recipe that your kids can bake with you.

Outdoor activity: Sink and float experiment

My toddler son loves to see if items will sink or float in water. Myboredtoddler.com has taken this experiment a bit further and extended it to include natural items like leaves and stones.

Educational activity: Free the animals

I like this Free The Animals Activity because you only need some rubber bands and some toys to do it.

It's also an activity that both of my kids can play with at the same time. You just take rubber bands, a container and some toys and create a fun activity for your kids.

Craft activity - musical instruments

I like this Easter Egg Maracas Activity.

You just need plastic spoons, easter eggs and tape to make DIY maracas. There's also 4 other musical instruments to make in the article.

Do you have any great recipes or fun activities that you want to share? Let me know by replying to this email.

Talk to you next week.



P.S. If you try any of these activities or recipes, let me know! I'd love to hear how you found them.

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