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My Favorite Indoor Toddler Activities For 2 to 3 Year Olds

My Favorite Low Cost, Low Prep Indoor Toddler Activities For 2 Year Olds.

I don't like to have to buy unnecessary stuff for my child to play with. I'd rather use what I have in the house. I also like to play activities that educate and teach my son something. So if you want activities for toddlers that requires low prep and that won't cost as much, here's some ideas on how to play with your toddler indoors.

The best ever playdough recipe

This is my goto playdough recipe for soft and stretchy playdough that lasts a long time. My son has been playing with this playdough for the last month or so and and it still remains soft and stretchy. I just keep it in a zip lock bag.

Playing with rice

One of my son's favorites is to play with rice in his wooden box. Its a great sensory activity that fulfills his need to transport things. I add his magnet shapes and a few scoops and bowls and he loves it.

Indoor scavenger hunt

What I love about this activity is that it really engages my toddler son and you don't need any equipment to do it. All you need is a bucket to place the items in.

I gave my son a bucket and asked him to place all the red things in the house in his bucket. Then I had him pack away all the red things. Then I asked him to place all the things that are circle shaped in his bucket.

He really enjoyed it and we'll play it again.

Playing Simon says

While my toddler boy doesn't exactly understand this game it's still fun to play and helps with his listening skills. When I say "Simon says", he has to do what I say. When I don't say "Simon says", he shouldn't. He loves it when he gets it wrong and laughs out loud.

Counting to 5

I've used my son's white board, a marker and his magnets for this activity.

I took 5 magnets and then placed one on his whiteboard. I then wrote the number 1 next to it and asked my son how many magnets are on the board. He said one.

I then erased the number 1, added another magnet, wrote the number 2 and asked him how many magnets are there. He said 2. I continued this until the number 5.

Name recognition

We played this name recognition game with his whiteboard and his alphabet blocks. I wrote his name on his whiteboard in big letters and took his corresponding letters from his alphabet puzzle. I then asked him to spell his name with his alphabet puzzle blocks.

I was pleasantly surprised that he got it right easily.

Alphabet fly swatter

You will need a clean! fly swatter and letter sheets for this activity. I asked my son to swat the letters that I read out. So I asked him swat the letter A, then the letter S and so on. He had a lot of fun swatting the letters. rs.

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