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Easy Baby Led Weaning Meals For A 7 To 8 Month Old Baby

I've had fun planning our meals for the next few weeks. I use the same menu for 2 to 3 weeks by just repeating this weekly menu.

It is suitable for babies from 8 months old, since that's the age my baby is now. There are some interesting and new items in this week's baby led weaning menu that the whole family will enjoy.

Quick chicken gnocchi skillet

This recipe uses chicken mince which makes it suitable for babies from 6 months old. It's also a nice different meal since we haven't had gnocchi before now.

Taste Of Home

Tuna pasta bake

Pasta is a great partner for tuna and this bake makes it easy to give to children since the tuna melts into the pasta and cheese.

Gimme Some Oven

Oven roasted Mexican tacos

Roasted veggies are perfect for baby led weaning. Just make sure the vegetables are roasted softly. And feel free to substitute some veg for others if it's not in season. I'd add some chicken to these tacos.

Cooking Classy

Baby friendly oven baked white fish

Fish is naturally soft and easy for a 6 month old baby to eat. This recipe is also easy to make since you just bake the fish. I'll serve it with sweet potatoes wedges and broccoli.

28 Cooks

15 minute udon and veg stirfry

Udon noodles is soft and great for babies to chew on. If you are worried about the shape of the noodle being a choking risk, cut the noodles in half lengthwise.

Seasons And Suppers

30 minute chicken and mushroom soup

While technically not really a baby led weaning meal, soup is great for babies because you can hide a lot of vegetables in it and it's a great way for babies to practice eating liquids from a spoon. I let my baby girl try to feed herself but it usually ends up that I feed her.

Damn Delicious

15 minute veggie loaded nachos

I love nacho chips and these nachos doesn't contain meat which cuts down on cost and time. When serving to a baby skip the nacho chips and just give them the veggies to eat. I'd also serve it with an avo or quacumole.

Spoon University

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