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Best first foods for baby

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I've received a document from my sister's pediatrician about how to start solids for your baby. He said these are great starter foods. Give these foods one a few days for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can move onto other food.

Sweet potato

My baby girl loves sweet potatoes. Here's how simple it is to make sweet potato puree for your baby.

From joyfoodsunshine.com


We don't eat much pumpkin because my husband hates it but maybe if my daughter likes it I will consider making it for us. Here's how to make butternut for all the stages.

From magicalmamablog.com

Baby marrow

Baby marrow or courgette is an excellent veggie to give because of the high water contents. See how simple it is to make. I would cook it in the microwave.

From hankyshappyhome.com


Carrot is such a beautiful veggie and very beneficial to baby. Try this simple recipe. I'd make half of this recipe.

From pickyeaterblog.com


When I made my baby girl's apple, I baked it in the oven for an hour, peeled off the skin and pureed it in my food processor. Baking it makes it sweet and yummy. Here's how to add interest to your apple purees by adding other fruits and veggies after you've seen your baby tolerate apple.

From babyfoode.com


Pear is high in fiber and when ripe doesn't need to be baked, just peeled. But if you give it to a young baby, cooking is recommended.

From wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com

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