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Rainbow Smoothies

Today my toddler son and I went shopping for rainbow smoothie ingredients. We then came home and made some rainbow smoothies. I bought paper straws and poured the smoothies we made into separate paper cups.

I had a lot of fun making them. My son was a bit resistant tasting them, but in the end I convinced him to taste almost all of them.

I used apple juice for the base, but the original post uses coconut water. I paid $32 (NZ) for the ingredients, but there are a lot of ingredients left to make more smoothies.


What You Need

  • Straws (I prefer paper straws)
  • Small cups
  • Ingredients for at least 5 different smoothies


Step 1

Make the different smoothies

Step 2

Pour into different cups

Step 3

Talk to your toddler about each cup - the color, the taste and the texture

Step 4

Decide on your and their favorite smoothie

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