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Healthy and easy vegetarian slow-cooker dinners

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In order to save money, I decided to include more slow-cooker meals in our menu. And don't let going meatless for a few nights fool you. I've found that vegetarian meals can have just as much flavour and sustenance than meat.

Here are slow cooker vegetarian meals that don't skimp on flavour or are difficult to make.

Slow cooker Sloppy Joes

These sloppy Joes looks super delicious and is a great way to use lentils. I love using lentils in my cooking because they taste so meaty.

From simplyquinoa.com

Roasted garlic and turmeric potato slow cooker soup

My toddler son doesn't like eating potatoes but maybe he will like this potato soup. I'll add cheese to increase the chances of him liking this soup. Hopefully he decides to go for it, it looks so creamy and dreamy.

From savoryspin.com

Quinoa split pea slow cooker soup

I've tried making a split pea soup before but I've substituted the veg stock for chicken stock cubes and then it didn't turn out tasty. This recipe adds vegetable stock and quinoa to flavour this yummy looking recipe.

From simplyquinoa.com

Slow cooker stuffed pasta shells

Pasta and cheese are some of my son and husband's favourite foods. This recipe says you just throw everything together into the slow cooker and you are off to go. It also pairs ricotta with spinach and tomato sauce which is an excellent combination.

From purewow.com

Slow cooker Mediterranean frittata

Vegetarian meals are more than just beans and legumes. Eggs and cheese also make a delicious vegetarian meal. Just look at how delicious this recipe for slow cooker frittata looks like and try not to drool.

From purewow.com

African peanut stew

Peanut butter makes any slow cooker dish delish and filling. This recipe contains chickpeas and sweet potato in a peanut butter curry. If you're not allergic to peanuts, dig in.

From thegirlonbloor.com

Tofu tikka masala

Why not try something new by experimenting with tofu in a delicious sauce? Tikka masala is my favourite Indian dish, I've just haven't tried it with tofu before. But it sure looks mouthwatering.

From yupitsvegan.com

Paneer tikka masala

Or try a cheesy tikka masala with this yummy recipe.

From easycheesyvegetarian.com

Slow cooker low-mein

Make your own healthy veggie-packed Asian food at home. I love Asian food and my boys love pasta so this dish is sure to please.

From damndelicious.net

Halloumi slow cooker risotto

A welcome change from beans and rice. This risotto combines spinach and rice and Halloumi for a filling and tasty meal. Dig in

From bakingqueen74.co.uk

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